Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wanna know how many vegetables I ate today?

First, let me show you a photo of baked goods!

What kinds of things do I do at 2 a.m.? One of them is make whoopie pies! These were gone by 8 a.m. Hadn't made 'em in years, but they were so good I think I started a recurring trend rather than getting the craving out of my system. They had oats in them, so they're healthy ;)

So as you may have picked up, I'm trying to eat as many vegetables as I can. Some days are better than others. Today's "breakfast" (at 1pm again) is a vegetable improvement over yesterday's. It took a few more minutes, but it was worth it. Making my sandwich open-face style allowed for double the vegetable content (which could still be higher, and many times it will be). I also added a shredded carrot and beet to my spicy greens. Yes, yesterday's salad was just greens, olives, dressing and homemade vegan parmesan. 

Estimated vegetable servings at breakfast: 3
snack/lunch (chili): 2
"supper" (guacamole with peppers and corn chips): 1.25 (no, I'm not including the corn chips!)

Total servings so far today: 6.25

Oh yes, I wanted chai tonight. I don't have any teabags kicking around, didn't feel like cleaning my frying pan to roast spices, so I decided to just make a single mug full. It wasn't as strong as I liked. I'm gonna perfect this and then I'll share it with you. 

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