Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yeah, so for a couple of hours tonight, twitter was trending quite possibly my most ideal #hashtag trend ever. @pattonoswalt started the #organicmetalbands trend. I absolutely cannot leave this kind of thing alone. I love wordplay and I was completely obsessed with compiling these. Um... metal bands and healthy food? There's perhaps no twitter hashtag trend more perfect for Beany von Doom. I was continually inspired by the ideas of others, the best ones of which I'll share with you, but first: here are mine and Brucifer's best #organicmetalband names:

Oatpeth, Marilyn Branson, Rob Zombpea, North End Nettle All-Stars (local band), Soyvod, Satyricorn, Amon Amaranth, Crowbarley, Rice Dream Theater, Free-Range Bison B.C, Hing Diamond, Nettle Church, Six Beet Under, Starch Enemy, Gojiberria, Impaled Nazerbean, Killing Yolk, Fig Destroyer, As I Lay Daiya, Darkscone

and in my #raregrains trend, we have: Teff Leppard, Farrosmith, Job's Tears for a Cowboy

Brucifer's gems were: Grand Funk Raddichio, Nashville Parsley, Suicidal Tempehburger, Morbid Angelhairpasta, Sarcophagoatcheese, Type Oat Negative. 

Other favourites other users came up with were:  Tofu Fighters, Tempehror, Yngwie Mangosteen, Death Spell Omega-3 and my all-round fave, Sepulturnip!

Anyway, I'll probably continue to come up with these over the next few days. You can check out my twitter feed if you're interested. For the rest of you shrugging your shoulders, thanks for letting me get this out of my system. 

Just a snippet of the fun I had tonight on twitter. Definitely the most fun I've had posting by myself ;)

Kale seitan
#organicmetalbands for life!

If you can think of any others, please share them with me! You will get lotsa cool points with me then. 

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