Thursday, March 17, 2011

13 great moments from the last 12 days

Free-style pear-blueberry crisp with Crowbar hemp granola on the bottom and normal crisp stuff on the top!

Crisp for breakfast with yerba mate, almond milk and maple? Don't mind if I do!

Red lentil soup is always feelin' hot hot hot! 

One afternoon while I was preparing some notes teaching a course on Alternative Diets for a nutrition school where I teach, I was apparently fascinated by the smiley face at the bottom of my mug. This mug was hand-painted by my wonderful friend Elena for me on my birthday last year. 

While I didn't intend for this to look like a swastika, it kind of does. Toast with Daiya cheese, oregano and black sesame seeds: a snack for Brucifer. This pattern was originally a Hindu symbol of good luck, anyway, so whatever. 

Oatmeal for ladytimes. I was in pain and had to teach later so I made some oatmeal (local-- from Speerville, NB) with dates, turmeric + ginger (anti-inflammatory), blueberries, Omega Crunch maple shelled flax (from NS), and I think I threw some 70% dark chocolate and some chocolate protein powder in here too. This isn't even next-level oatmeal. I can do better-- I'll show you some day. 

Here's some genmaicha (roasted brown rice green tea) with matcha from Kyoto! It looked amazing, topped with a sauerkraut lid as always. This is an old flowering tea pot whose handle broke off. I use it a lot  for steepin' stuff. It holds a lot of liquid. Look at the lovely patterns in the teapot! 

After the market last Saturday, we needed to use some of the wonderful tamarind sauce we've been admiring forever from Unique Catering. They put it on all their Indian dishes and it's such a great complement. I have no idea how to make this sauce, so we bought a bottle from them for the amazing price of $3. Oh yeah, I made some sort of free-style Indian dish with some Yukon Gold mashed and served it with some of Mom's pickled beets. 

It will be clear soon how proud I am of my first batch of spouts. I actually made two varieties of sprouts, and they're both wonderful! On the left, we have Cloverfield, my red clover sprouts, and on the right, A.L.F, my alfalfa sprouts. How easy was it? Really easy. How delicious are they? Quite? How nourishing are they? Even moreso than they are delicious. 3 days and you've got sprouts! 

Yeah, okay, so I'll probably put sprouts on everything for the next couple of weeks. This sandwich was deluxe: slabs of Acadiana Soy Thai tofu (from NS, though), tatsoi from Free Spirit Farms's greenhouse, sprouts from my kitchen, pickled ginger, Squirrely Bread from Silver Hills bakery, homemade veganaise and Sriracha. OH, and avocado. A really tall and broad sandwich. Amazing day. 

After I got home from class on Tuesday, I decided to polish off the rest of last night's hummus we made, as well as the crumbs from my favourite corn chips ever, Que Pasa blue! I chucked in some sprouts and after this photo was taken I threw in some more spouts and some hot sauce. Glory, glory! What a nice, quick snack! 

I wasn't kidding about the sprouts, was I? An open faced-avo sandwich with sprouts and hot sauce. Maybe some pickled ginger and definitely some mayonaise. This was killer. 

Brucifer almost made me supper after class. Instead, together we made what he was thinking of making: tofu (with garlic, soy, Korean red pepper and lemon marinade/baste), garlic homefries, and a balsamic-ginger carrot stir fry with corn and some collard-like greens I got from the market.

It's been a very busy but delightful week with a few moments for decent meals and a lot of time for healthy small meals/snacking! What fun snacks did you rip into this week?!

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