Saturday, March 5, 2011

Four winning meals with a 50% chance of failure

CURRY! Can't get enough Indian food. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we eat Indian food probably 80% of days. This is an old throwback recipe. Decided to take a photo before it was cooked so you could see the pretty blue potatoes. 

Was hungry like the wolf the other night. Crazy wildly, ravenously famished/have-been-neglecting-to-eat-while-working typa hungry. Quickly thought: "make parsley pesto pasta!"-- so I did. Steamed some already-peeled squash, carrots and parsnip and the whole thing was done in like a half hour or so. Pesto was made with sunflower seeds and pasta was my beloved kamut. This hit the spot niiicely! 

I was simmering ingredients for miso soup while rushing around trying to get ready to leave the house, and had the lid slightly off this pot while doing so. I came back and the broth had ALL evaporated-- every drop! I took the fail and made it into a win by quickly making up a dressing consisting solely of miso paste dissolved in some cooking sake. Friggin' divine, and much more zen than the time 
I got drunk and spilled sake in a temple in Kyoto. 

Yeah, so tonight Brucifer and I were making supper and we smelled burning. Uh, this is what was INSIDE THE OVEN ON FIRE! This was the first time in all my years in the kitchen when something was totally afire, but it went okay I guess. No casualties and since we don't have a smoke detector in the building, the annoying alarm didn't go off. Obviously the chance of us dying in our sleep was a downside to this. Note to self: call landlord. 

Luckily, our supper was totally fine and great and we dined on this quick and easy meal: cumin lime baked tofu, sweet potato and blue potato garlic fries, and stir-fried carrot, napa and tatsoi (first time for this awesome green) with parsley pesto and a bit o' balsamic. 

Anyway, Charlie Sheen and I are winning this week. Must be all the tiger blood I've been bangin'.

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