Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The best and the worst week so far!

Week 4

Monday, May 2

-1 c. curry leftovers  (2)
-pita and baba ganoush 1/4 c. (0.5)
-lunch: raw carrot ginger cashew soup (3 servings)

-supper: rest of soup (3 servings) with rye crackers

Total: 8.5

Tuesday, May 3

-samosa (2)- that's right that thing was FULL of potatoes and peas!, hummus and pita
-Kopi colada with coconut and pineapple (no real fruit here I don't imagine), bourbon
-quick but homemade chili with garlic bread (2)
-carrot (1)
-1/2 Crowbar 

Total: 5

Wednesday, May 4

-Breakfast at 2pm: tuno sandwich with 1/2 c.lettuce, tomato, kraut (1)
-supper: piece of toast with 1/2c. chili sauce  (1)
-another piece of toast, tapioca pudding. Kinda rebelling against myself today. 

Total: 2

Thursday, May 5

-miso soup with 1.5 c. carrot, enoki mushrooms, shitake mushrooms (3), 1c. spinach (1)
(That's right-- 4 servings of vegetables FOR BREAKFAST!)
 -guacamole (1), sweet potato dip with cucumber (2)
-Magaritas with fresh lime juice (1), 1 serving of organic blue corn chips (these are too healthy not to count (1)! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Total: 9

Friday, May 6

-smoothie with 1 c. blueberry, 1/2 banana (2.5)
-1 c. red pepper/mushroom/garlic/spinach/garlic in stir fry (2)

Total: 4.5

Saturday, May 7

-leftovers from last night (2)
-pakora--cabbage and potato (1) + 1 c. vegetables in salad (2)
-1/2 lime in Margarita (0.5)-- I'm getting the official word on how much lemon and lime juice count for-- until then, I will count as such

Total: 5.5

Sunday, May 8

-BLT with 1/2 c. lettuce and tomato. I don't frig around (1)
-Fried tofu and vegetable stir fry from Robie Food (6) + veg spring roll (1)-- I ate this in two sittings

Total: 8

Daily average for the week: 6.07-- Best so far! 

Week 5 (this is where I really screwed the pooch):

Monday, May 9

-smoothie with 1 c. strawberry (2) + 1/2 banana (0.5)
-egg sandwich with 1/2 c. lettuce, tomato and green pepper (1)

Total total: 3.5

Tuesday, May 10

-BLT with 1/2 c. Fun Jen and tomato (1)
-Indian food combo from Taste of India (1.5)
-burger with 1/2c. Fun Jen, tomato (1)
-molten chocolate cake 

Total: 3.5

Wednesday, May 11

-cake (yup. for breakfast. don't tell anyone)
-Thai fiddleheads 1 c. (2) with rice and tamarind chickpeas
-more chickpeas and rice
-sufficient number of delicious cupcakes

Total: 2

Thursday, May 12

-BELT with extra lettuce (1)
-Crownola-- Crowbar granola
-red lentil soup with 1 c. carrot/beet turnip (2), 1c. spinach (1), 1/2c. peas/corn 
Total: 4.5

Friday, May 13

-miso soup with shitake, carrot (2), 2 c. spinach (2)
-hummus and delicious organic blue corn chips (2)
-margaritas with 1 lemon (1) Thanks, Cinco de Mayo!

Total: 7

Saturday, May 14

-hummus and chips
-pakora (1)
-tostada with lettuce, avocado, tomato (1)
-If I ate anything else it couldn't've had any vegetables because I didn't record it

Total: 2 yeesh!

Sunday, May 15

-smoothie with fresh mint and raw chocolate
-3 c. salad with tomato (3.25)
- scrambled eggs with 1 c. mushroom/green pepper, garlic (2)

Total: 5.25

Daily average for the week: 3.96

Week 1 Daily average: 4.93
Week 2 Daily average: 5.86
Week 3 Daily average: 4.88
Week 4 Daily average: 6.07
Week 5 Daily average: 3.96

Daily average overall: 5.14

Still not great, under what's recommeded by the most recent Canada Food Guide (7-8 min for adult Canadian women), but realistic. Apparently this is average for Canadians!  According to the Canadian Community Health Survey, In 2008, 50.1% of Canadian females (6.8 million) and 37.0% of males (4.8 million) reported consuming fruits and vegetables 5 or more times per day. Call me sceptical, but I think people are overestimating. In most cases, I'm doing everything I can to eat as many vegetables as I can. Every meal I make at home, I actually use measuring cups for accuracy! Nobody's perect, but I think I'm doing pretty well. 

How are you doing? How many servings of vegetables are you eating per day?


  1. I don't know! Hmmm. I'm going to try this myself for this week and see where I'm at. I always think I've eaten plenty but then I look back at the day and it hasn't actually been that great. Shame about chocolate chip cookies not counting as vegetables...

  2. I need to start counting mine! I've been really good about making healthy choices, but i need to make sure I'm getting as much or more than I'm supposed to!!

  3. Ezmy-- Maybe put some pumpkin in those chocolate chip cookies!

    Janna-- I know! There are lots of healthy options that still don't include many vegetables!

    Lemme know how you ladies do! Have fun counting!