Saturday, May 7, 2011

Howz about them fiddleheads?

I spent all day working my booth at the farmer's market. I worked alone but managed to duck out and score my first load o' fiddleheads of the season and some salad greens called Fun Jen. Thanks, Free Spirit Farms (and the ditch you likely picked the fiddleheads from)! Now, I will likely collapse and/or pretend to watch the Kentucky Derby but really drink bourbon. I'll cook these bad boys up later and let you know what I did with 'em.

Yes, my shirt says "Eat your f@#%'n vegetables!

How do you like to cook fiddleheads?


  1. Where did you get this shirt?! I have been looking everywhere for it!

  2. The shirt is awesome! Can you remember what's the link is on eBay?