Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another week of counting vegetables. I need your input!

Friday, April 22

-2 c. salad mix (2)
-1 c. peppers, mushrooms, tomato (2)
-cake (1/2), cornchips (1) 

Total: 5.5


-1 c. pineapple (2)
-sushi innards: sweet potato, avo (1)
-kimchi (1/2), sandwich (kraut, tomato, lettuce)-- (1)

Total: 4


-1 c. pineapple (2)
-1 c. salad mix and tomato (1)
-1/2 c. blueberries in yogurt (1)

Total: 4


-bigass omlette (spinach, mushrooms, tomato)-- (2)
-1 serving pineapple (1)
-sandwich with kraut, tomato, lettuce, peppers (1)

Total: 4


-3/4 c. strawberries (1.5), 1/2 c. blueberries (1), 1/2 banana (1/2) in smoothie= (3)
-some cooked dish which I don't recall: 1/2 c. corn/peas (1), 3/4c. tomato = (1.5)

Total: 4.5


-1c. yellow/green peppers, parsnip, carrot (2), 1/2 c. peas/corn (1), 1/2c. spinach (1/2)

Total=3.5 What in hell I ate that day + why I only seemed to eat one meal is beyond me! 


-Taste of India meal!=yellow cabbage, mixed vegetable curry, chana masala with tomato, green beans= approx. 1.5 c. pure vegetables (3 servings)
-1 c. yellow peppers, garlic, enoki mushrooms, spinach (2)
-2 c. beet greens/lettuce (2)
-1/2 c. sauerkraut on toast (1)

Total: 8

Friday, April 29

-1 c. various vegetables in omelette- yellow peppers, tomato, spinach-- (2)
-1 c.  beet greens + lettuce (1)

Total: 3. I expected to get fed a second time today ;(

Saturday, April 30

-1/2 c. sauerkraut (1)
-1.5 c. of various vegetables in Korean meal-- lettuce, daikon, carrot, spinach, sprouts, green onions, kimchi cabbage (3)

Total: 4

So, I realized part way through the week*  it might not really be that helpful to you if I didn't list my vegetable and fruit consumption in context of my meals and snacks. Often, as you can see, I get lazy and just list the vegetables and amounts, but don't make it appetizing by letting you know HOW I ate them or what that looked like. Am I right? Would you like full disclosure? Do you wanna see the rest of what I eat? Would you like more pics? More recipes? Please let me know. I'll be concentrating more on this blog in the coming weeks.

I want your input on how I can proceed. How can I inspire you to eat more vegetables?!

* This week I was merely recording my intake and not concentrating on it as I sometimes do, thus the high intake at the end of the day ;)

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