Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stir fry and hot dogs!

Saturday, April 16

-This day was a big blur. Worked all the day at the market then just ate an insane amount of corn chips. Between the two types of samosas I had today and the Indian food (spinach dish and tomato dish) (3 servings)
-Not sure if corn chips can count for vegetable servings, but I ate a really awesome Organic type that has a lot of calcium, protein and fibre in it, and even though I ate a shitload of corn via these chips, I'm only gonna count it as (one serving)

Total: 4


-Breakfast (at 1:30 pm or so) 2c. salad mix (2 servings) with 1/2 c. additional tomato and cucumber (1 serving)

At about 1 am I ate the contents of the above photo. I made the whole thing while I was on the phone, so it was kind of a blur. Cumin red vegetables (beets, carrots, corn,spinach), mashed potatoes with tamarind sauce, and chana masala (tomato). (5 servings)

Total: 8

Monday (apparently a snacky day): 

-leftovers from the night before (1/2c= 1 serving)
-tomato soup (2 servings)
-edamame (1 serving)
-cake (yes, cake! More on this later!=1/2 serving)
-sandwich with various vegetables (1 serving)

Total: 5.5 


-2 c. salad mix
-Thai Thing with 1.5 c. cabbage, carrots, parsnips, 1/4c. spinach/jalapeno (1/2 serving), 1/4 c. corn (1/2 serving)= 4
-baguette sandwich with 1/2c. kraut, tomato, lettuce, olive, cucumber (1 serving)

Total: 7


-baguette sandwich with 1/2 c. vegetables listed above (1 serving)

-Then we had a midnight stir fry and veggie dogs! I didn't even consider that this combination was a li'l wacky until Brucifer mentioned it, but I guess it kind of was! This stir fry was HUGE and had 5 cups. of vegetables! We split it, so we each ate 5 servings! I hadn't eaten all day (other than hot cross buns, anyway) and actually had more vegetables than what's pictured here. I was pretty full. Featured vegetables were a beautiful organic orange pepper, corn, sundried tomatoes, a mass amount of cabbage (to make up for the lack of green leafies), carrots. 

Total: 6 


-Earlier today we went to Heartwood and I slowly savoured one of my favourite dishes, a bean burger served with raw vegetable toppings and a  HUGE side of leafy green vegetables and cabbage. That big pile o' goodness netted me (3 servings) of kale, red cabbage, raw onion, lettuce, avo, tomato.

-Ugh. I kind of made a stupidly large stirfry and ate 6 delicious servings of vegetables-- red pepper, cabbage, mushrooms and garlic. I probably didn't need this many. 

 Total: 9 !!

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  1. My kids can't eat a lot last week because they don't really like the past dish that I gave to them. But yesterday, I made this recipe and they really liked it! I will made this again tonight for them so that they can enjoy their dinner. Thank you for sharing this!

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