Tuesday, June 21, 2011


In fact, I've been eating and stuff. Here's what you missed!

Spring has brought us some awesome fresh produce. No offense to the noble beet and turnip, but-- see you next fall!

Strawberry rhubarb apple and blueberry crisp. All but the strawberries were local (wasn't berry season yet. Blueberries were frozen). Oh yes, and cashew cream. 

This was absolutely one of the best dishes I made over the last month. My only regret is not trying to recreate it. Fiddlehead pasta with olives, mushrooms, garlic, balsamic turmeric goodness. 

This is a rendition of a maple flax brownie that I make. They're truly a health food brownie. Brucifer wanted to put nuts on the top. He decorated it beautifully. Also we threw on some maple omega crunch shelled flax. 

A stir fry with cabbage, carrots, spinach, maybe some other vegetables. Served with fake chickens and salt and asian cucumber salad.

An amazing breakfast. Indian scrambled eggs, Earth Balanced toast and stir fry with mushrooms, rainbow chard, asparagus. Yes. I eat eggs now from free run hens. 

Rhubarb cupcakes with rhubarb icing. Yes, really. The frosting was more gorgeous than the photo managed to capture. 

I understand that this looks rather ghastly, or perhaps gothy if I was being kind. I like this sort of a meal, though. Stir fried vegetables with soy sauce and fried tofu on toast. And some hot sauce for good measure. 

This was my rushed pre-birthday trip meal. A tuno sandwich with yellow carrots and some wilted swiss chard on the side. 

This $23 breakfast at the Fairmont Algonquin was AMAZING. This was a salmon dish and I asked for a vegetarian version and they made me little carrot burgers! With avocado salsa!!

Other than the Algonquin, this was the best meal that could be had in St. Andrew's NB on a Wednesday evening in the off-season. The sauce was pretty good, but the vegetable selection weak. 

After my sushi dance party I wanted to make more sushi with the remnants. My brother's sushi was prettier. This was made in haste. Pickled radish (mu), kimchi, cucumber and shitake.

Blueberry grunt. This is so goddamned good. I will make a strawberry grunt soon. 

I got a li'l BBQ from my friends on my birthday. For a couple of weeks I went pretty apeshit. My ambitious first attempt to BBQ anything finds me BBQing a homemade black bean burger with carrot, onion, sweet potato. Most of it fell in the BBQ. 

Fermento burger! Here's the same burger but with sauerkraut, mu and kimchi. I digested that! 

Good ol' Yves veggie dogs with grilled asparagus and mushrooms. Oh, and obviously sauerkraut!

Yves veggie chicken burger salad with PC Smokin' Stampede Chipotle Beer BBQ sauce-based dressing. And sauekraut. And lettuces. 

Homemade chickpea burger topped with fried egg on rye bread with lime ponzu grilled asparagus. This meal felt amazing!

This was some sort of leftover meal-- a lentil soup, I think, mixed with leftover basmati rice and served with kimchi for extra digestibility. 

Chickpea burger BBQd (success!) with asparagus and pepper rings! 

Coconut cinnamon toast with strawberry heart, two lovely fried eggs and mixed greens with caesary dresssing. 

Japanese vegetable stew with asparagus (can't get enough), shitake, buttom and enoki mushrooms, and spinach. From this book.

Sukiyaki (calorie-less yam noodle dish with fried tofu and vegetables)-- asparagus, mushroom, cabbage, kale and ginger. It's got a soy sauce-mirin dressing. Oh yeah! From the same book.

Kamut noodles with kale, arame seaweed, black sesame seeds, toasted sesame oil and ginger. This was ridiculous and so quick. A la Jae Steele's Get it Ripe

Holy living hell this was delicious! Warm NEW POTATO potato salad with asparagus and kale and the first egg I've hardboiled in the last 11 or so years. Also some bacony bits. Amazing. 

Fresh local strawberry shortcake. My first attempt at biscuits. Cashew cream. I might make this again tonight. 

So yes, this is what I've been eating. Please accept this photo overload while I scrape together the story of what's been preventing me from writing. 

Have you been enjoying spring's bounty? I hope so. 




  1. I know a lot of folks who don’t eat eggs (they’re allergic, for health reasons, or concerns about animal cruelty). Here’s an awesome site that gives tips on cooking and baking without eggs: http://EggFreeLiving.com

  2. Yeah, I was vegan for almost 11 years and all of my posts up until recently have been egg-free. Thanks for the link. I will check it out!

  3. wow.........it looks very delicious snacks, i want wait to have a try.