Monday, November 26, 2012

Goblin Soup breakfast

It's been way too long since I've shared a recipe here.

This morning I waited a bit too long before making breakfast, but was determined to have something really delicious, savoury, and nourishing. I threw this together. Goblin is one of my favourite words, so here's a friggin' homage to that.


1 small sweet potato (according to science, the most satiating food! beta carotene!*)
1 bunch of green leafy vegetables like kale, chard, collards, bok  choy, spinach-- (vitamin K fer yer bones)

Steam those until done-- approx. 15 min. You could choose to steam the greens for less time or not at all, if you wanted the soup to be more raw. Reserve the cooking water-- it's got nutrients in it that fell outta the vegetables as they steamed. Some other time you steam vegetables but don't need the water, let it cool and water your plants with it. My plants would be pretty pumped if I watered them with anything!

Into your blender goes: the vegetables you steamed, and some or all of the steaming water (depending on if you like your soup thicker or thinner). 

-1 generous T. miso paste (balancing, good bacteria-making)
- 2 T. nutritional yeast (B vitamins to combat stress)
-1 small clove of garlic (pro-immune)
-a small chunk of ginger, grated (warming)
-as much turmeric as  you can muster 1/2 tsp or so (anti-inflammatory)
-a dash of maple syrup (54 disease-fighting compounds including Quebecol, also the most delicious taste on Earth) if you accidentally poured in way too much turmeric and/or to cut the bitterness of the greens

WHIRRRRR! (sound of a blender) Eat this. If you've got these seeds in the house, I suggest putting this mix on top--  or any of them: black (or white, but black are higher in calcium and antioxidants), garlic flax (Omega crunch) or any flax seeds, chia seeds (amazing fibre, omegas, etc), hemp (tons of useable protein, good fats). 

This soup is pretty fabulous, can be amended umpteen different ways, and is very nourishing. If you've got limp greens in your fridge that you're hoping will just disappear 'cuz you've negected them, this soup is a great use for them. It's got lots of fibre too! If you feel you need some more protein, boil a free range egg or have a l'il shake or something.

****The food facts I put in brackets are only one/some of the rad things about these foods. There are many.

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