Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What the hell do I do with kale?!

So I've gotten a few emails (not to mention the questions in person) that have asked, "Eeep! I a) have too much b) hate  kale. What the hell do I do with it to a) use it up b) like it!?" 

I quickly compiled a list of ideas in an email recently, so I figured I might as well chuck it all down here. Here is the email I sent to my friend Noel of Moncton Garden
who had a ton of kale in his garden and was tired of just boiling it. 

-make kale chips (this one and its variations will keep you going)

-colcannon (usually done with cabbage-- basically mashed potato and kale, butter, salt n' pepa)

-sautee with garlic and onions and/or lemon juice

-explore green smoothies (yes, kale in a smoothie!)

-use it in curries (this is probably what I use it in the most)

-make kale mufins (

-this salad

-and this salad from everyone's favourite Sexy Vegan

-kale boiled with pasta and soaked seaweed and a dressing made of tahini, garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil (I do this one a lot)-- a take on a Jae Steele recipe

-pureed kale/potato/onion soup
-Polish Sausage Soup (I make a vegan version a la Jae Steele)

-scrambled eggs or tofu with kale

-I love Canadian Living's recipes. They always turn out awesomely. Here are the favourite kale recipes. I want to try them:

-Martha Stewart also always has amazing recipes. She has 28 for kale. I have half a bunch of kale to use up so I will try something new today.

-This is the website I go to if I'm really stuck. Awesome photos, great ideas:

So there you go. It was my goal to give you 20 ideas, and between the last three websites I have gave you dozens (plus my several faves). I also got some new ideas in the process which is awesome.

-Oh yes, I also make miso soup and put it in there

-Oh yes, Indian kale

I will let you know if I think of anything else. I think it would be great in a quiche or any recipe that calls for spinach (just cook it a bit longer). Kale is really beautiful steamed and topped with seeds.


My last post could be made with kale:

And here's one of the weirdest things I've ever done with kale-- KALE POUTINE!

  • Kale and tofurkey (homemade) poutine with mushroom gravy and Daiya cheese (it's okay, but it's not a deity): the Boxing Day turkey-leftover compromise.
    Also, my brother and his boyfriend came up with a pretty sweet use for kale that I'm currently heating up for breakfast. It's their take on scalloped potatoes. They also used sliced apples, green beans, and carrots in a coconut curry base rather than a dairy one. They put cut-up kale on the top which crisped up like kale chips rather than the corn flakes our Mom used to use. So inventive!

    So, as you see, the limits of what you can do with kale don't even exist. I've been eating kale since 2001 since before kale was the new broccoli. This makes me a  kale hipster. I admit it.