Saturday, June 19, 2010

You wanna know how does my garden grow?

Three quarters of my mint: English mint, spearmint and ginger mint.

This kinda just happened. It's a pot left here by the old tenants. I just decided I had too many bats inside and put this one there.

This one also made itself. Cool moss growing. I put the frog in there and a tiny piece of an aloe plant.

One half of the herb garden.

The other half.

Speedy dwarf beans.


Mesclun mix. Salad drawer.

My herb garden at a glance. I'm growing rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender lady, lady's mantle, alpine strawberries, wormwood, a quince bush, lime mint, english mint, spearmint, ginger mint, lemon balm, chives and parsley. . This is my first time planting a reasonable-sized garden. I'm pretty impressed at how it's doing considering the balcony only gets morning light and a bit in the afternoon. It's sort of windy too.

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