Monday, November 7, 2011

Kale Satan!

I've probably eaten too much kale today and it's only 2pm. Kale, as you may or may not know, is a leafy green vegetable which has many varieties. It's got the highest antioxidant rating of any commonly-eaten vegetable (I'm sure someone would debate this, but it's generally held to be true), it's beautiful, and I think it's generally pretty badass. I went from hating it to tolerating it to liking it to loving it. The nutritionist in me was the one to push. "LOVE KALE OR DIE, BEEYOTCH!" I said to myself, or some such thing. I said the same with seaweed. I made it happen in both instances. With enough willingness, I believe you can make yourself like any food. I don't even mind cilantro now.

Brassica bra, or bra-ssica. 
Yup. If I ever get married, I'd do it in the autumn, and carry a huge bunch of kale down the aisle with me. I love holding a humongous bunch of kale. Makes me feel very alive, very strong (lots of vitamin K and calcium in those leaves!), and very beautiful. 

Anyway, back to kale consumption! This morning I woke up on day two of my cleanse and was keen to make a whole juice with my Blendtec blender. I concocted a juice from some purple kale, blueberries, a pear, an apple, and some ginger. I put too much water in it and it tasted kinda bland, so I won't bog you down with a shitty recipe. But I was feeling MIGHTY good after that, and additionally after my peppermint yerba mate with with almond milk and syrup from the tit of the Mother Maple Tree (a crude yet apt analogy from the geniuses at Epic Meal Time). 

Fastforward to my first meal of the day, after recording my workout on Fitocracy, I decided to make some Hail to the Kale salad, a recipe from the company who shan't be named where I used to work (although you can click to see). Brucifer isn't too into vinegary dressings so he wasn't into this, but I ate a ton of it alongside some sprouted grain bread and some happier eggs (free-range from a cute little Menonite farm). 

Goth Kale Salad
Anyway, I feel like a crazy person I feel so good right now. Part of it's the cleanse, part of it's the juice from this morning, and part of it I'm sure is the kale overload (and the sunshine outside)! I'm about to go for a massive walk in the park to check out some squirrels. I'll report back if the kale was an overload (I'll be able to tell). Because you know, you can overdo everything (even kale and links and parentheses-- what the hell is my problem today!?) you like or love kale? If so, how do you like it? 

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  1. Yup, that was a little too much kale, but it still felt pretty damned good!